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Our Fur-Family

Serenityt (2).jpg


is very much like her name suggests peaceful, calm, serene.   

Her first litter was one of fourteen, the biggest litter we have ever had! All of her litters have shown a remarkable personality and Melody has been a favorite of our family from day one.

Mother to: Melody

DSCN5949t (3).jpg


Was born to a litter from Connecticut, and came to us in May 2019. He is built very tall and regal like, and is pure white. We have used him as a father and he was very gentle and kind to his puppies. He was very good with the livestock we had, watching over them like a hawk....and keeping the hawks away! To sum up, he is a very gentle, loving dog!

Father to: Gabriel



Daughter to Serenity and Bear, She was born here on the farm in June of 2019. Our indoor baby who loves her family and is very much devoted to them. Look's very much like her mother in looks and personality, (apple doesn't fall far, now does it?) she was the only female here we were able to teach to speak. She likes to sing, (we'll just call it that...) and that was the reason she was called Melody (Or was it because it stuck?) Anyway! She has brought a lot of spunk, and dare I say, vibrancy to this farm! She has had 2 litters and all the pups have shown a remarkable personality.

DSCN5885text (2)_edited.jpg


Was born here on the farm in November of 2019 to Kody & Victory. He is an all white male.

As far as personality goes, he is very devoted to his family and especially to the man of the house. Like all Great Pyrenees, he shows at times his independence, but all in all he is a spunky, little gentle-dog! He loves new people and loves visitors. And is fiercely loyal. 

Has Two Litters as of  November, 2022





Father to Serenity and Jubilee, was re-homed to a guy in Maryland. Grandfather to: Melody.



Rehomed to a farm. Sired a few litters while living here at Harmony Acres Farms!
Father to: Melody & Victory



Was re-homed to a great family who cooks her homemade food everyday!

Mother to: Victory



Re-homed to a great family a few hours away!



Was re-homed to a goat farm as a livestock guardian dog. Had one litter with Jubilee



Passed away in January of 2022.

Gabriel's Mother.

DSCN5959 (2)_JPG.webp

Our sweet female is absolutely, hands down, the best mother you could ask for. Christened ‘Patience’, her nickname is Patie-Lady,  which befits her well as she is a very lady like in all her doings. All white with no markings at all she has a very regal look. She has proven to be a very good coach and trainer, teaching her from day one, what being a good dog means.Mother to Serenity & Jubilee

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