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If this happens during your deposits , you will need to make new arrangements to get 

your puppy. Lets hope all goes well over the next few weeks.

What forms of FULL payment do we take?

Checks (Mail in a check before the pup hits 5 weeks other wise we do not accept it.) Cash on or before pickup, NO Credit Cards.


What is your return policy?

Return any of our puppies in good condition–no questions asked–within 3 days of purchase, for a full refund minus any fee's at time of sale,

After 3 days $400.00 will be non-refundable.

Reserve Fee: $700.00, Of Which $400.00 Is Non-Refundable ( As of 1/10/2023 )

Do you Board?

In-Home Dog Boarding:

We are an In-home boarding whereby your Great Pyrenees dog stays with us.

In-home boarding gives you the comfort of knowing your GP dog is being loved and has a comfortable home to stay in. Read Dog Boarding Per-Day below to get prices. WE DO NOT Board other breeds! Only Great Pyrenees and we ask that it stay within our GP Family. So ALL you wonderful Customers out there and you know who you are! Please contact us!

Dog Boarding Per-Day:

The average cost to board your dog or dogs by day is $30.00 to $35.00 per day and depending on your walking requirements.  You drop your dog off in the morning, and he/she gets to play with their family members.  Pick up before 8pm or you’ll be charged an additional day. Effective: (9/1/22)

I Stress again: WE DO NOT Board other breeds! Only Great Pyrenees and we ask that it stay within our GP Family. So ALL you wonderful Customers out there (and you know who you are!) Please contact us!



Are the puppies 100% Great Pyrenees?

Yes, & No. That depends on the Sire or Dame mix we have on premises.


Why no vaccinations?

We believe the vaccinations today are more harmful then good. But don’t take our word for it, Please do the research for yourself, or look at our Blog. (Listed on the "Blog" page) We only do the ones required by law.

When is my puppy ready for pickup?

We allow them to go around 7 weeks and 5 days or at 8 weeks.

What starter food are the puppies on?

Diamond Naturals Small Breed puppy.


Will they have been de-wormed?

Yes, your puppy will be de-wormed by the time you pick them up.


Will you ship a puppy?

No, We prefer to meet you in person….

What do you de-worm the Puppies with?

Durvet Liquid pyrantel dewormer and if you can't find that brand we also use: Pyrantel pamoate Suspension dewormer.

When do I start deworming them?

2 weeks is when we start them on Dewormer.

How do I reserve a Puppy?

You need to put down a payment in full or half to reserve your puppy. (RESERVE FEE IS $700.00) Meanwhile the puppy will remain online and will NOT be removed until we have received your payment or have verification of your payment. Then once the reserve or verification has arrived the pup is yours and he will be removed. (As of: 3/18/22)

What is happen if I don't send a payment fast enough?

If you have shown interest in a certain puppy, but have not sent a check the pup will remain online, if you have asked us to reserve a puppy, but haven't sent payment he will remain online. If you have said you have sent a check and would like us to remove him or her, they will remain online until we receive verification of this payment (As of: 3/18/22)

What is your Reserve policy?

First come, first served. If you would like to reserve a puppy but not pay in full you will need to put down $700.00, You can not go beyond 6 weeks without FULL payment. If you would like to finish the payment with a check we will not accept it after 6 weeks. We will need FULL payment before 6 Weeks is up or your money is refunded (Minus $400.00) and the pup goes online. (If you'd like to pay in FULL on Mama's due date that is fine) As of 11-21-22

We would like to see dedicated customers and if you decide you do not want a puppy but have put down your reserved fee the exchange is immediate and you will not be refunded $400.00 as of  1-10-2023

When Can I Visit With My Puppy?

We do not allow visits until they are 4 weeks old. Why? Because Mama has not yet finished weaning them. Once Mama knows they don't "Need" her she will wean them off and they will start learning how to eat and drink their own food and water. If we allowed visits early Mom gets anxious and we don't want a anxious Mama! So at 4 weeks you can come visit!

What If I Can't Make It At 8 Weeks To Pick Up My Puppy?

If you don't pickup your puppy in a reasonable time frame, We will charge you for the extra days.

Any time after 8 weeks we will start charging you our Boarding Fee.

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