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Just some of our favorite Testimonials from our Happy Customers


From our first contact with Harmony Acres through the day we brought our girl home, it was a wonderful experience. Harmony Acres truly loves their dogs, and their puppies. They are warm, caring and kind folks who welcomed us for visits (pre-Covid), answered all of our many questions, and nearly a year later still stay in touch. As for our puppy, she is now nearly a year old, 90 pounds, healthy and beautiful with the kindest soul and temperament we have ever experienced in a dog. I would not hesitate to get another puppy from Harmony Acres, and I highly recommend everyone to reach out to them if you are looking for the highest quality well-bred Great Pyrenees, who from day one are raised with love and great care. Well Done Harmony Acres and thank you for raising and sharing such beautiful dogs with us.
Our very best to you and your family!

Georgia Myers


Posting again due to my other review not showing up. Apologies if this is a duplicate but this family deserves 5 stars twice anyway!

We found HAF through a Google search and really didn’t know much about the Pyrenees breed. We just knew we wanted a family friendly dog that could live in a townhome with an active family. When we came across HAF, we started researching the breed and realized the temperament is exactly what we wanted. Then when we visited and met the breeders and parents of the puppies, we KNEW it was the right fit. HAF was willing to talk to us on the phone for hours and answer all of our questions before and after our visit. It’s evident they really care about their dogs going to the right homes. The process of paying for our puppy was easy, and there was no snags whatsoever from the visit to the day we picked up our puppy, whose name was originally Maverick. It was such a joy to visit the property and hang out with the puppies to get to know our little guy in the weeks leading up to the pickup date. It also gave us great peace of mind to know that the breeders are able to extend the pickup date by charging a small boarding fee. Working with HAF was a really seamless experience and we definitely gained friends in the breeders. I think we will certainly be back for another Pyr one day! We had our post-pickup vet check and our little guy is super healthy and growing well. Everyone is already so impressed with how he is
walking on his leash, too!

Siena Michaud

I have Kelsey who is named Charity now. She is doing well. Learning basic commands of heel, sit, and come. She is learning to guard and protect the chickens. She goes with me when I put them to bed. Very happy with our Great Pyrenees from Harmony Acres.

Tamy Carter

Linna Walz.JPG
Morgan Stephenspng.png

Harmony Acres Farms (the Johnson family) is our breeder of choice for Great Pyrenees livestock guardians. Our first Harmony Acres dog, Patches, is now 4 years old, weighs a lean 120 lbs and has been in perfect health. He protects 100+ certified organic free-range poultry day and night over 10 fenceless acres. Our farms predator death rate is virtually non-existent with Patches on the job. In Virginia, Patches lives outdoors year round and also protects the house and family from all strangers but willing accepts maintenance workers once we introduce them. In December 2020, we welcomed our second Harmony Acres puppy, Blizzard, who is a smart and inquisitive 8-week old. He is quickly learning voice commands and indoor potty-training. His biological uncle, Patches, is quickly teaching Blizzard dog etiquette, what property to patrol, not to chase poultry and elementary outdoor sounds/smells which should trigger predator protection measures. We would recommend Harmony Acres Farms Pyrenees for anyone looking for a canine guardian (human or livestock) or gentle canine companion.

Linna Walz

This is a family that truly loves their dogs. I have never met breeders who are so invested in their puppies. This is probably why I have brought not one but two puppies from them. Our first one was so perfect that we knew we need another one to complete our family. There was not a doubt that we would be returning for another of their puppies. They are both so loving, gentle, and goofy in their own way. They both have brought so much joy into our family.

Morgan Stephens


I LOVE our happy boy Koda! And I’m very thankful to Harmony Acres for this blessing to our family. He’s so smart,obedient, gets along with our kitties, and goofy!!

Amanda Tynis


Highly recommend Harmony Acres Farms. We were blessed to get our new fur baby (Daisy) from them and couldn’t be happier, she is the sweetest!

Shari Jenkins Clifton


We are doing great! She has gotten so big and spoiled. She does great with the kids and loves to play with our other dog. She has become a huge part of the family!

Tiffany Turner


Harmony Acres is the perfect place to adopt your Great Pyrenees. They love what they do and take very well care of their dogs and puppies. Everyone was extremely friendly, professional and flexible. Beautiful people! Whenever we had additional questions about our puppy they were right there to give us advice and to help us. The puppies are born into a warm and friendly environment and are prepped perfectly for their new homes! I can’t say it enough...the perfect place to adopt your new puppy!

The Dolan Family

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